Ericson Commercial Differences Series ⑨ – LIBERTY LAB.


今回は、教育の違い、 特に塾に関して、です。

Cram schools are a big part of life for many junior high school and high school students in Japan.  They do exist in the U.S. however there are far less and not common.  The Japanese company, Kumon has many locations in the U.S. and usually if a student goes to a cram school they only go for 30 to 40 minutes for help in one subject that they are struggling with; usually math or reading.  A more common route is a tutor.  Tutoring is often available at school for free from a higher grade student or outside of school and paid by a professional tutor for all subjects.  I think there is more academic pressure in Japan than the US.  Another reason for this may be that in Japan there are an average of 220 days of school in a year, whereas the US average is 180, quite a big difference.  Another reason that cram schools may not be so common in the US is that when applying for University, many universities tend to focus on the personality, family upbringing and extra curricular activities rather than grades for entrance. 


Cram School – 塾

Far less – はるかに少ない

Struggling – 苦労している

Tutor – 個別指導講師

Academic – 教育の

Average – 平均

Tend to – 〜する傾向がある

Upbringing – しつけ

Extra Curricular (Activities) – 課外活動