Ericson Commercial Differences Series ⑤ – LIBERTY LAB.





WEEK 5 – Festival/ Event Food

There are many festivals in Japan, local, regional, small and big.  I suppose the western equivalent would be carnivals or town festivals/events.  The topic today is food stalls.  There are many types of typical festival foods, including ones that stay around for a few years due to trends.  In Japan I have tried many different kinds; kebabs, mini castellas, taiyaki, and my favorite,  the korean inspired cheese hattog.  There are so many unique and interesting dishes to try!  In the U.S. carnival food is notorious for usually being deep fried.  Deep fried oreos, butter, funnel cakes, macaroni cheese.  Yes they are very delicious but the worst for your health; even Mcdonalds would be much healthier!  In my opinion the biggest difference is the variety.  Japan has many more types, whereas the U.S., although delicious, has mainly fried foods.

    Deep Fried Butter                                               Funnel Cake


To suppose – 思う・判断する

Equivalent – 同等のもの

Food Stall – (食べ物の)屋台

Notorious – 悪名高い

Whereas – 一方で