Ericson Commercial Differences Series ② – LIBERTY LAB.






WEEK 2 – Don Quijote

Don Quijote, the large chain has many locations in Hawaii and California, although the mascot and store facade are similar, there is a big difference in what is sold.  Don quijote in Japan is known for having almost anything and everything and is relatively cheap, there are a lot of seasonal items, electronic gadgets, candies and snacks etc.  The U.S. Don quijote is known more as a supermarket, selling fish, meat, fruits and vegetables.  There are parts of the stores that sell various household goods but overall people go there for their weekly food supply.  I guess you could say, Japan Don Quijote has a much larger variety and many different kinds of goods, while the US Don Quijote focuses more on the fresh foods aspect.


Facade – 正面・店構え

Relatively – 比較的

Seasonal – 季節の

Gadgets – 電子機器

Household – 家の・家庭(用品)

Overall – 全体的に言って

Aspect – 側面・観点