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Urban Legend Series: SEVENTH CUT

Legend: The Hollywood Hotel

On a stormy Halloween night, a huge gala was held at the famous Hollywood Hotel.  During the opening party, one of the most famous child stars entered the hotel, and was never seen again.  It is believed that lightning or something supernatural hit the building and sent her to an alternate universe or trapped her in time and space where she is still there but no one can see her.  They can only sometimes hear her cries for help.


According to this story, the famous Hollywood hotel held its grand opening party on October 31st. 1933.  All of the stars, producers and big-wigs were there.  It was 7 p.m. and already dark outside when it started raining.  Soon, that rain turned to thunder and lightning.               The party was set to start at 8 p.m., and celebrities had already started arriving.  One of those famous Hollywood celebrities was mega famous child actress Shirley Bonanza.  They posed for the cameras with her manager and agent and nanny before heading inside the hotel to get out of the pouring rain.  

The big thing about this hotel was, at the time, it was the tallest building in all of the state of California and had the longest, newest and fastest elevator installed. The building topped out at 36 stories. The party and the grand ballroom were at the very top of the hotel on the 36th floor.  

As Shirley and her crew entered the elevator, smiling and waving to the paparazzi, she pressed the button marked “36”.  The doors closed and the elevator started ascending.  Then it happened.  There were already over a hundred people at the party at the top of the building and the swing and jazz band were already playing.  As the elevator got to the 28th floor. There was a loud bang of thunder and lightning hit the top of the building, sending an electric current through the building into the elevator shaft.  Shirley and the three other people in the elevator with her heard a loud noise and that was the last thing they heard.  The elevator reached the 36th floor and the doors opened but to the people in the ballroom’s surprise, there was nobody in the elevator, and it seemed to be working just fine.  That event was the last time anyone ever saw Shirley Bonanza or her crew.  

The police investigated but found nothing.  But some people say that to this day if you stay at the Hollywood hotel.  You can hear the voices of Shirley and her staff, calling for help as if they are right there.


Gala – 祝祭・お祭り

Supernatural – 超自然の・神秘の

Alternate Universe – パラレルワールド

Big-Wigs – 有力者

Pouring – 土砂降りの

To top out – 〜に達する

Electric Current – 電流