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Urban Legend Series: THIRD CUT


In the 1960’s, a crazy scientist lived in Maryland.  He had a small farm and would sometimes experiment on the animals.  One day he was experimenting on a goat, when his experiment backfired.  He mutated and was fused with the goat, making a half-man, half-goat monster, almost looking like a Big Foot with horns.  He is now said to roam the forests and back roads of Maryland attacking hikers, cars and anything he sees.


 Jennifer lived in Bethesda, Maryland.  Her and her friend Matt one day, decided to go hiking.  It was a beautiful day and the perfect day for a hike; not too hot and not too cold, but just right.  They decided to take the 5 km Laurel Hike which was located in a lush forest.  About halfway through the hike, they heard a noise.  Startled, they tried to look and find what  it was that had made the noise. They were relieved when they saw it was just a fawn.  

Matt and Jennifer went up to the fawn.  “Sick! A baby deer, up close! Yo, this hike is lit”, Matt said, excitedly.  “You need to calm down, like for real”, Jennifer replied, sarcastically.  They took a selfie with the cute fawn and continued the hike.  A few minutes later they decided to look at the photo and upload it to instagram.  When they looked at the photo though, a look of dread took over their faces. Right behind them was a creature standing on two legs, with dark fur and horns, arms like a human but a face like a goat.  It was holding an axe staring directly into the camera. Matt and Jennifer decided to run as fast as they could.  They started hearing noise behind them. Something was running to catch up to them. They ran so fast, like their lives depended on it. ( Which they literally did.) 

They finally stumbled upon a busy road with cars.   When they looked behind them, the creature was gone.  They breathed a sigh of relief.  Perhaps the Goatman didn’t want to be seen by the numerous people driving their cars and gave up on chasing them; or perhaps he just got tired.  But one thing is sure, if you meet a man named Matt from Maryland, ask him about his experience.  He will never forget that terrifying day.


To backfire – 逆発する・失敗する

To mutate – 突然変異する

To fuse – 溶ける・融合する

Big Foot – ビッグフット(アメリカの未確認動物・雪男のような存在)

To roam – 歩き回る

Lush – 草木の茂る

Startled – びっくりして

Relieved – 安心して

Fawn – 子鹿

To go up to – 近寄る

Sick – Word Of The Week!

Lit – Word Of The Week!

For real – Word Of The Week!

Sarcastically – 嫌味な言い方で

Selfie – 自撮り画像

Dread – 恐れ

Creature – 生き物

To depend on – 〜によって決まる

Literally – 文字通り

Stumble upon – 出くわす

Sigh – ため息

Numerous – 多数の

Terrifying – 恐ろしい